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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc..

This is one of the biggest And substantial retailers.

It has managed to establish itself in a lot of ways.

The whole amount of the revenue that the business has collected
in the year 2015 mark the level of $485.7 billion. Additionally, year after
there was a rise of 2 percent of the revenue collected by the firm.

It is among the world biggest retailers that are competing
well on the market. There are some of the aspects having put the business
to its peak point on the market. One of them is
the superb management that has been found on the side of the resources.
Additionally, the business has produced a move of applying the best
strategies to win the customers across the whole globe.
The business operates in 27 countries right now.

The Home Depot, Inc

This really is one of the Retailers that's biggest on the matters of home-improvement
retail. In the year 2014, the entire amount of sales the company recorded
was $83.2 billion. This mark the improvement of 5.5 percent from the previous
year. There are numerous shops that the business operates in various regions.
The approximate number of shops that the business
runs are 2,273 stores. Within the United States, the shops which are
within the management of this Home Depot are 1,977 shops. The other remaining stores are located in Canada and Mexico.
There are different exclusive brands which are made available by the Home Depot.

Target Corporation

Target Corporation can be Another retailer
that operates in various parts of the world. The revenue
That the company collected from the year 2014 were approximately $72.6 billion. There
was an increase at 1.9 per cent when compared with previous year.
The Factor that has made the company be in the
position that it is at the moment is The excellent and prudent management.

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